…for science! Free Show at Bluetile Skateshop

Photo by Ryan Simmons
Photo by Ryan Simmons

In 1975 hard rock legends Kiss came Alive! with their début live album which turned out to be their first release to break the Billboard top 10. The double disc album did more than that though, after its release Kiss saw a huge jump in attendance fueling their merch sales which has included everything from Kiss condoms to Kiss trading cards over the years. Now, this Kiss album is often listed in the top 10, even the top 5 live metal albums of all time. When it comes to live albums the argument always comes down to overdubs and what’s been doctored up in the studio. Most of them are more enhanced than a Hooters waitress, but Kiss claims Alive! had few overdubs (lol).

…for science! also released a live metal album in the winter of 2011 titled Comes Alive, a play on that time Frampton Came Alive! in ’76. The album features three tracks from the intricate post hardcore band that truly mesh into one 26 minute piece of metal art. You’ll find no overdubs here, just one true live recording that will captivate you with thundering moments filled with splashing wet cymbals, and others with hushed fluttering drums and delicate guitar lines. Since that 2011 release, …for science! has been mostly dormant, but for good reason. Drummer Cameron Gardner tours the world as drummer of Washed Out, while guitarist Patrick Wall moonlights as the green bearded guitarist of Those Lavender Whales and bassist Jamie Clark rips with local avant-garde metal group Sein Zum Tode. Note, Sein Zum Tode released a challenging album earlier this year titled Beep through Fork and Spoon Records.


…for science!
bluetile skateshop | 631 harden street
23NOV13 | 8 p.m. | free

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