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[New Music] Jordan Igoe-How to Love

JordanIgoe-how to love

Only a few people know this, but when I’m in my car I listen to country music. It’s brutal at times and gives me road rage. It’s caused so much anger inside of me that I vented to my cousin and he actually started a petition to end bro-country. Bro-country is that degrading, soul cringing type of country that often features some rapping, sometimes objectifies women, usually involves trucks and beer. Deep down in my heart I truly hope you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Now, there’s still good country music out there, and it’s really not that hard to find when you look for it. I’d consider the new single from Jordan Igoe good country, but when you hear the rest of her debut album you’ll realize she’s no one trick pony. Seconds into “How to Love”, the first single and title track of Igoe’s upcoming album, you hear the cry of a pedal steel guitar on top of an opening line about fishing. I’d bet she’s blurring the line between metaphorical imagery and personal experience here.

Igoe surrounds herself with some of Charleston’s finest musicians on this track with Charlie Thompson on Pedal Steel, guitar work from Mackie Boles, Marshall Hudson on drums, Brad Edwardson playing double bass, and backing vocals from both Jessica Daisi Igoe and Elise Testone. Igoe does the rest playing guitar, piano, organ and of course vocals. Igoe’s debut album comes out February 14, 2014 with her release show set for Valentine’s Day at The Royal American with Rachel Kate and Stagbriar. She’ll also appear at Arts and Draughts at the Columbia Museum of Art February 7.

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