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Kari’s Summer Jams – 7/1/14

Hey y’all,

Welcome back to summer jams.

Once again: we in it.

Photo on 7-1-14 at 9.04 PM


This is quite possibly the most summer of all weeks in summer. Independence week.

I cannot wait to celebrate our country with beers, brats, and buds. I hope you too can bro out with yr friends and feel the power of this country through amber waves of grain and hot dogs.


Now, on to some jams.


Solange – Bad Girls (Verdine Version)

Solange is so much more than Beyonce’s sister who punched Jay-Z in the face. She makes some pretty dope music. This is from her EP, True, produced by Dev Hynes (Blood Orange). Unfortunately they’ve seemed to have some sort of falling out, which blows, because this track is SO summer. One time I listened to this track while vibin out on some white wine on a porch in Charleston. Give it a whirl. The whole EP is super dope.


Pomegranates – Beachcomber

These dudes played New Brookland a few years ago and they were super super nice. I also really vibed on their music. I was chuggin PBRs in the fall when I first heard this song, but I soon realized that it’s totally summery. It’s got beach in the title, so you know you can’t go wrong. Might play this one in the pool on the 4th. Damn. I just listened again while writing this because it’s so gravy.


Alright! That’s it for this week.

Shouts out to my boys Say Bro! They’re opening for the Marshall Tucker Band at the state fair. If you don’t show up for that yr a damn fool.

I pray that yr 4th celebrations will be fun, safe, and tributary to the greatest country in the gotdamn world.


Till next time,

Stay golden, bbys





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