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Stream “Loose Lilacs Waltz” from Conor Donohue and Lindsay Holler

a3408255620_10In the heart of a steamy Charleston, SC summer Conor Donohue and Lindsay Holler have released a sultry slow burning single titled “Loose Lilacs Waltz.” Recorded last October at Bill Carson’s house, the track actually took years to come to fruition, but only four hours to finally record as Donohue and Holler recorded the vocals live while looking at each other across the room. The track that long sat dormant received a breath of fresh air when Holler lent Donohue Simone Felice’s short story Hail Mary Full of Holes inspiring Donahue to finish the track.

The track drips like honey and moves like a night you’d like to never end. Featuring the uber talented and creative minded Nick Jenkins on drums, all other instruments were played by Donohue himself including both guitar and Wurlitzer bass. The b-side “No Kings. Only Fugitives” transitions smoothly out of “Loose Lilacs Waltz” like smoke drifting aimlessly through the air. Donohue’s clean guitar picks on repeat, while Jenkin’s rhythmic electronic programming stays steady and subtle.

Both Conor Donohue and Lindsay Holler have new projects in the works. Donohue is currently working on his next album while Holler is about to start recording her solo album.

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