WUSC Wednesdays

WUSC Wednesdays: Ryder and Res

This week’s Diagnosis will feature the fervent Serena Ryder and cool Low Res.

Serena Ryder. Look at those big ol' blue eyes.
Serena Ryder. Look at those big ol’ blue eyes.

Serena Ryder started playing guitar at 13, and was signed by age 18 in 2002. She cites the Beatles and Leonard Cohen as major influences.

While the Canadian songstress has opened for Aerosmith, received the 2008 Juno Award for Best New Artist and duetted with American Idol‘s Jason Castro, it was not until joining Capitol Records and releasing her 2013 single “Stompa” that she broke into the U.S. radio circuit.

Ryder’s music is absolutely dynamic–from soulful and sultry one moment, to saucy and stomping (–wonder where that word came from..) the next.

Tonight’s Diagnosis will also feature DJ Steve-O’s pick, Low Res.

Low Res is an experimental electronic and hip hop producer from the U.K. His music is fresh, light, oh-so-hip and his sampling is dynamite.

Low Res' Wax Treehouse
Low Res’ Wax Treehouse

Low Res is the epitome of the new wave of experimental electronic music coming out of the 25-and-under, DIY crowd to counter the producers who’ve been in charge of the game for a few years now.

To hear some originals–as well as a stunning cover of Band Of Horses–by Serena Ryder, and some chilled out cool sounds from Low Res, tune in to the Diagnosis tonight at 10 p.m. on 90.5 FM in Columbia, or at wusc.sc.edu.



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