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Jukebox the Ghost Play New Brookland Tavern



Nov 11th-Music Farm-Charleston, SC

Nov 12th-New Brookland Tavern-West Columbia, SC

Jukebox the Ghost roll into Charleston and Columbia this week riding high on the release of their new self-titled album which came out October 21. The album lands the band in uncharted water as the aptly titled lead single “The Great Unknown” has found a home on radio stations across the country. The single’s had help. With placements in Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance and new movie The Judge, new fans from all over are hearing the band for the first time. This is Jukebox The Ghost’s second visit to South Carolina this year as the trio played Charleston Pour House for a Follow the Moon party sponsored by Blue Moon Brewing Company in June. There’s no doubt that helped give the single the initial push it needed as the song, which was brand new at the time, was the lead track on their playlist.

“The Great Unknown” is an instant winner with the rest of the album following suit. Jukebox the Ghost left their Brooklyn home for sunny LA to record the new album with Dan Romer, who has a history with artists with strong pop sensibility. Romer produced the band’s previous album Safe Travels along with producing albums from other artists we’ve brought to Columbia over the years Bess Rogers, Lelia Broussard, and Jenny Owen Youngs. Jukebox the Ghost’s new album comes off on first listen as their most focused to date. This time around the band spent weeks in the studio writing and arranging  each track, narrowing down 50 potential songs into 11 in only a matter of weeks. The hard-worked seems to be paying off already. They’ve already got headlining dates on the books through March of 2015.

Watch them perform a Spooky Mansion session with our friends at The Wild Honey Pie.

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