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[New Music] Trey Mumz-Southern Gossip


Trey Mumz plays New Brookland Tavern Dec. 26 with Mike Collins Jr. and Yes Ma’am

The first single “Part of the Problem” from Trey Mumz new album Southern Gossip was completely out of left field. Over the last couple of years he’s played mostly acoustic and solo and on occasion with a full band, so hearing a track loaded with programmed drums, spacey synths and autotuned vocals was very different. Sitting comfortably in the middle of the album, that song stands out much different from the rest of the album.

Trey Mumz frontman Trey Murphy wrote Southern Gossip over the past five years in Columbia before moving to Asheville earlier this year and recording this album. The album proves Murphy’s songwriting ability track after track, whether it’s a quirky and irresistible song like “Desert Bug” or the straight forward guitar and vocals style of “What Kind of Day Has it Been?”, Murphy proves his ability to be apt with his lyrics. As simple and straight forward as some songs are, others are polar opposites. Bustling with creativity, the album closes with the Beckish “Revolutionary” and the synth heavy “Rosemary’s Ghost” to close out an album that keeps listeners on their toes, avoiding the monotony of another singer songwriter album.

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