Reverb Fest Photos Serfs/Museum Mouth/Junior Astronomers


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It’s weird to post photos from this years Reverb Fest and not include pictures of the headliner Diarrhea Planet in their Diet Coke caps and fake snow blowing through the air. In the last year I’ve seen D Planet (that’s what my Mom prefers I call them) four times, so I took a pass and went to see The Rocketboys next door at The Evening Muse on tour in support of their latest EP Left Right.

Unfortunately I got there a little late as well driving in from out-of-town, so I only got to snap pictures of Serfs, Museum Mouth and Junior Astronomers.

Reverb Fest was voted best new Charlotte festival by Creative Loafing in 2014, so for their first fundraiser festival of 2015 lovingly called “Eskimo Kisses” they reached out of the Charlotte borders for a huge lineup. It seems like everything went according to plan with a huge crowd, sets that ran on time, and plenty of extras including tintype photos provided by Howlermano Photography. Most importantly they raised nearly $2000 for Chronic Illness Relief Fund.


Diarrhea Planet

Junior Astronomers

Museum Mouth


Southern Femisphere

Patois Counselors


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