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[New Music] Haley Shaw Live with Steven Fiore

I still remember Haley Shaw’s farewell to South Carolina show at New Brookland Tavern almost seven years ago. She took the stage standing with her guitar and a stool beside her where she set and opened her moleskin notebook which she rarely had to reference. She was moving to Nashville to chase that dream while the other artist on the bill that night Dylan Sneed was driving from Texas to Hartsville where he would end up staying a few years and building a music community.

Now that seems like ages ago, and Shaw has since moved back to Charleston and has remained relatively quiet on the music front. Recently though, things have started to pick up with a couple of shows and this new live video of a song she wrote with long time musical partner and songwriting wizard Steven Fiore. Fiore, who now lives in Chapel Hill, is currently at work on Shaw’s new four song EP which is in the finishing stages of recording now.

Fiore noted in a Facebook post that they finished writing this song just moments before they turned the camera on to record.

Fiore wrote on his website Small is the new Tall “Haley’s new songs are as pretty as they are inspiring. She tackles everything from love, to whales, to being honest with yourself all in one 4 song EP. That’s pretty neat.”

Her songs have always touched deep, with honest lyrics riding on her voice which is strong and beautiful enough to stand on it’s own or to intertwine with Fiore’s as it does here.

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