Live at Papa Jazz

Adam Cullum of Can’t Kids Live at Papa Jazz

What’s the first album you remember loving as a kid?

“Light Your World” by Newsong.

What as the first album you bought with your own money?

The Hard Way by Clint Black

What was the first local band you were a fan of?

Courage Riley

What’s the most recent album you bought or have been listening to lately?

Sam Amidon All is Well

What project are you more working on now would say? Can’t Kids, Falling off a Building, or is it something else?

Can’t Kids is always the most important project for me, but I’m in the process of putting together another Falling off a Building incarnation. I want it to have woodwinds and brass. The songs have melodic themes that a large ensemble could really sink their teeth into, but why bother? Why not stop bothering? Its been fun watching it amble to fruition. I’m drinking a lot of coffee and reading Infinite Jest and my dreams are becoming realities. Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

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