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I thought Unicorn River might be the name of a real South Carolina river, so naturally it’s the first thing I Googled researching Scenario Collective’s upcoming grassroots music/camping/art festival. Unfortunately it’s not. 🙁 Good news though, Happy Birthday at Unicorn River is totally real, and happening August 12 and 13 at a private riverfront access in Walterboro, SC. As they do with all of their events, Scenario plans to transform the area into a dreamscape of music, art, food, and friendship.

Everything gets started Friday evening at 6 with an opening party kicking off a weekend filled with uber talented bands and artists, many of whom call the collective home. Bands include thematic acts like The Ugly Chords, The Moon Moths, and Hectorina, our cosmic Americana queen She Returns from War, along with Sea Ghost, Father Daughter Dance, Os3, Callosum, Fez the Immigrant, Mr. B, Erica Eso, infinitikiss, and Fratmouth. The whole lineup includes genre bending artists, none of whom shy away from experimental tendencies. Visual artists include Alex Rusnak, Tucker Prescott, Dani Thorner, and Chris Johnson.

Last week I went to lunch with two of the Scenario masterminds Rupert Hudson and Pedro LopezdeVictoria and when they were telling me about this event it sounded amazing, and I was thinking it would take a couple of months to plan. I was a little taken aback when they told me it would be the weekend of August 12, only a couple of weeks away. One of the most impressive characteristics of Scenario is their ability to mobilize and work together and still present a quality product. Still DIY in nature, they rely on each other to get things done, and so far they’re doing a great job at bringing big ideas like this to life. Plus their enthusiasm is contagious, it always has been. What they’re doing now reminds me so much of what our friends at The Wild Honey Pie are doing in the Northeast, with their excellent events like Welcome Campers that’s happening in just a couple of weeks. I imagine Scenario Collective could carry out something similar if the budget was right.

Speaking of, they’ve launched a Kickstarter for this event, which only has 7 days remaining and is already half way to their modest goal of $550. Donations are rewarded with handmade gifts showing their gratitude.

Details on the Event




The Ugly Chords


The Moon Moths

Erica Eso

Mr. B

Fez the Immigrant



Father Daughter Dance

She Returns from War

More TBA


Alex Rusnak

Tucker Prescott

Dani Thorner

Chris Johnson


Sausage and Pancakes

Stone Soup

Water and alcohol will be available


357 Bob Cat Ct. Walterboro, SC 29488

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