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Katie Rose’s début release Everything Yesterday is an eclectic mix of sounds and styles, reflecting on years of her personal experiences and shaped musically by a trustworthy group who helped bring her songs to life. It’s hard to find a better group to work with than veteran producers like Jeff Leonard and Eric Rickert who recorded the album at their Ocean Industries Studios on James Island. Along with Leonard and Rickert, Jay Clifford of Jump Little Children added his stylings to the lead single “Wonder”, while Matt Zutell and Aaron Utterback of Human Resources — who open the album release show Thursday — brought their expertise to the table.

From track to track Rose dips her toes any many different genres, from the piano driven “Wonder” to the electronic pop of “Feel”. It makes more sense when you see her diversity as a musician. In addition to singing, she played guitar and piano on the album. Musicians change over time as they’re introduced to new music and tastes change, and build relationships with different musicians. With her debut Katie Rose shows that she has many options with which direction she chooses.

Her debut video shows her story, a compilation of videos of her performing on piano and guitar from a young age, then in the studio recording her debut album, and finally on stage with her full band. Even the end of this video only shows the beginning of what looks to be many more shows and albums.

Thursday she’ll give her new album Everything Yesterday the release party it deserves, with the $15 ticket including food from Smoke BBQ and an autographed CD.

From what I’ve read you’ve been playing music pretty much your entire life. How did this album specifically come together and what was the writing process like organizing all of your ideas?

I tend to write a lot of songs so when we came together to figure out which songs we would do, it took awhile. Some songs were old and I didn’t feel were good enough, but as every band does we disagreed. Honestly, the choosing process was very stressful and made me think very hard on who I want to be and what I want to show people. The writing process was already done with, but I was given great ideas from my producer, parents, and even some friends.

You worked with some really great Charleston musicians on this album. How was it working with your producers, and a local music legend like Jay Clifford?

It was a blast to work with them! No matter how talented you are there is still so much you can learn, and I learned lots. My producer really helped me believe that I could do more than I thought. If it wasn’t for him a lot of those high harmonies wouldn’t be there. Jay added so much magic to my little song it still just amazes me. You can miss so much if you don’t listen closely. Matt and Aaron from HR also brought so much to the table. It was crazy watching them work. The things they could hear in seconds really makes me want to dive into the world of producing.

How much did your songs transform and come to life from the original written version to the final studio version. Would you say it went beyond what you imagined, or came out as you imagined?

It went way beyond than what I imagined. Everything was so much more and I am so appreciative for that. “Feel” was given life, “Wonder” was brought magic, “Goodbye Song” was given the attitude, “Castle” was given a chance.

Where do you imagine your music career down the line. Now that your debut is out, do you have a future vision for your music?

I really just hope that this album gets the attention it deserves. My songs are for people to relate to and that’s why I do what I do, so I hope in the future people find my music so they have something to hold on to. My music will continue to grow that I know for sure. I just want it to mature along with me.

Are you continuously writing songs or is it more of a thing that comes and goes with what’s going on in your life. I can hear that definitely shaped parts of Everything Yesterday.

I am always writing. Songs are like stories and I love to write stories. Some have happened to me and others are from my head. “Everything Yesterday” is MY story so far that I felt needed to be heard. I am here to write some killer songs, sing my heart out, and remain myself the whole time.

What do you have in store for the release show?

SO MUCH. We have Smoke BBQ providing some amazing food (a pig roast!!), Palmetto Brewing and Delicato Family Vineyards will be providing the alcohol, Human Resources starting the party, we’re gonna be raising money for my producer Eric Rickert who was assaulted, and we’re having a raffle for some cool stuff. (concert tickets, a house party show, gift cards, and swag)

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