Orange Doors Release New Single “Sip”

orange-doors-sipLast summer Orange Doors quietly released Mush, an excellent seven track sophomore album that touched on alt rock and psychedelia, excelling all around, specifically rhythmically and sonically. Now they’re back with their latest single “Sip”, a sample of what their next album, which they’re now working on, will hold.

“Sip” feels more circular with every listen. I want it to explode more at the :17 second mark when the rest of the band comes in, but it’s more of a casual entrance. As the song goes on though it works out better, as the rhythm and percussion session do battle underneath the synth as the song sort of decays quickly towards the end. For one of the best upcoming indie bands in South Carolina, “Sip” is great preview of what’s to come on their third self released album. All around, the band is picking up steam, with more shows in and out-of-town and more of a presence in general. We’ll be following closely.

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