Having covered The Velvet Underground and Spaceman 3 in years past, ET Anderson take on Broken Social Scene this year headlining Art Bar Agora, the Vista bar’s annual arts festival. For Broken Social Scene fans, you’re in for a treat, they’ve really captured their sound as you hear in the video. Pulling in artists from other local bands, they’ve formed a super group of musicians that match Broken Social Scene’s energy and sound.

Joining ET Anderson’s Broken Local Scene Saturday night will be Max Puckett and¬†Marceline Ray of Ugly Chords, Emily McCollum of Stagbriar, ¬†Grace Joyner, Thomas Hammond of King Vulture, and Tyler Sowards playing violin on two songs. I vote that this just be a new band all together.

To capture what will most likely be a one-off show, we filmed the band playing three songs in the back room of Art Bar a week before the show. “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” is the first of three songs to come, with “KC Accidental” and “Lovers Spit” to come next week.

Huge thank you to Art Bar for letting us invade your back room and slightly disrupt trivia night to do this. The room looks beautiful on camera, and is truly one of the most charismatic in Columbia. Camera operators were Danielle Dickens, Bree Burchfield, David Stringer, and Gibbes DeLoach, along with one steady cam set in the middle of the band. Grant Tyler captured the live sound masterfully.


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