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Glitter Critters, the new band from Orange Door’s member Ian Russell, released the first single titled “Feral Fusion” off the band’s upcoming EP Caterpillar. When Russell wrote the song earlier this year it didn’t exactly fit in with other Orange Doors songs, leading him to start this new project. Already known for writing music with a pysch edge, the atmosphere of his makeshift recording studio aided in the overall feel of the single, and the EP.

When we caught up with Russell via email he said of the album “I lived with two other musicians so it was a blast recording. I was also without a working light so a small table lamp with a green bulb made things interesting. The EP is both light and dark. Pleasant catchy melodies balanced out with sinking lyrics.”

The debut single still carries many of the hallmarks of Orange Doors songs, with the catchy opening guitar riff repeating and getting stuck in your head. While the lyrics read in rhythm without hearing the song, they’re chopped up quite nicely as the song stops and starts from intro to verse and so forth.¬†Glitter Critters EP will be out by the end of summer.


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