Music Video Premiere: Daddy Lion-Dionysus

With the last video from Daddy Lion for their song “Storm” from their latest album Learn to Have Nothing and You Will Have Everything the band played to nostalgia paying homage to childhood memories. For “Dionysus” the band worked with visual artist grawlix who, if you’ve attended a show at Space Hall, does the projections there. The band also worked with local artist Katly Hong who animated the band’s lion logo.

In Greek Religion Dionysus is “the god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine, of fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy and theatre in ancient Greek religion and myth.” The video is otherworldly and matches the dark vibe of the song. Frontman Jeremy Joseph says the song is about “finding salvation and cosmic unity in love.”

The second to last song on their 2018 release, “Dionysus” is one of the strongest songs on one of South Carolina’s  best albums of the year flying somewhat under the radar. The second half of the album works somewhat in contrast to the first, with this song and the closer seeming to come from a different place with a darker 80’s vibe.


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