The Courtroom Sessions

Motel Glory-Top Bill (The Courtroom Sessions)

Though Motel Glory didn’t release any new music in 2018, 2019 they’re set to release their third LP via Real South Records.  When it comes to these sessions at The Courtroom, and Rock Hill music in general, Motel Glory has come to define it in some ways. They’re one of the cities longest running DIY bands, with members changing around singer and chief songwriter Greg Ellis over time. Motel Glory is rock n roll in its purest senses, with influences that harken back to true founders like Chuck Berry and Hank Williams. Opposite sides of that spectrum though they may be, how they’ve become so intertwined over the years is what Motel Glory shows. They’re gritty and garage rock driven, but the guitar licks are way hotter, and their country influence shows more about where they’re from, than what that label of music has come to mean over the years.

Catch Motel Glory tonight (1-11-19) at the Courtroom as they play a late night set at the 3rd Annual Dumb Sweater Fest.

Motel Glory
Top Bill
The Courtroom Sessions

Filmed at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, SC
Sunday September 30, 2018

Produced by: SceneSC
Audio Engineer: John Nipe
Cameras: Kati Baldwin, Danielle Dickens, Leslie Leonard, David Stringer
Editing: David Stringer, Leslie Leonard

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