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Show Preview: Remembering Never, July 25 at The Legion

Remembering Never – Sunday, July 25 at The Legion.

For better or worse, South Carolina’s hardcore music scene isn’t what it used to be a handful of years ago. Many of the kids you used to see at shows all over SC have moved onto other things, and are generally disinterested in getting into new hardcore bands. They’ve got their favorite bands they got into in high school that they still jam relentlessly, and that’s enough for them. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s only on the rare occasion that the carriers of the old standard load into the van and head back out on tour that you see these kids out at hardcore shows. Well, thanks to the team of kids who brought shows back to Summerville, SC’s American Legion Post, that rare occasion is this Sunday, July 25. Dead Truth’s Remembering Never are rolling back into SC, and they’ve brought labelmates Hivemind, fellow Floridians My Amends, Forty Winters, and Battle!, supported on tour by SC’s hometown heroes In Regret and Blacklines, with them to put on one of the best shows the Legion has been home to in years.

It’s great to see that Remembering Never hasn’t thrown in the towel, and touring again as a band after two years on hiatus. They’ve got a new release planned for the coming months called “This Hell Is Home,” their first release since 2006’s “God Save Us.” Judging from a series of YouTube videos posted of their July 10 show at Pembroke Pines, FL’s Talent Farm, they’re still playing your old favorites from “God Save Us” in addition to some new tracks like “Time Eraser,” of which they’ve posted a demo on the their MySpace. Frontman “Mean” Pete Kowalsky never left the hardcore scene, and during Remembering Never’s hiatus, could be found fronting the band xBishopx and playing guitar in Dirty Habits.
Locals Blacklines and In Regret have recently gone through some lineup changes, but don’t let that make you think they’re any less passionate about what they’re doing. These guys just put out an amazing split 7”/CD on Downside Records available for download here and for purchase here and at the show on Sunday. These guys have been on tour since July 9th exporting SC hardcore to the rest of the country, and we couldn’t be happier with how they’re representing us.
So, to all the old school hardcore kids: lace up your Vans, dig out your camo cargo shorts, and see if any of your old black band shirts still fit, because it’s time to head back to 2006 for a night and show the new kids what a hardcore show is supposed to look like.
Here’s the lineup again for you guys:
Remembering Never
Forty Winters
My Amends
In Regret
The Legion
105 Sumter Ave
Summerville, SC
$10  5 PM Doors
P.S. If you decide you miss it, and want to get back into the SC hardcore scene, the best place to start is You’ll get all the necessary info for upcoming shows throughout the state and exposed to a lot of great bands, new and old, through the downloads available there. Then hit the forums if you want to chat about it. See you at the shows!

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