When David Reed invited me to his “Gas Party” two thoughts crossed my mind.  The first was, I’m not sure if I should be huffing gasoline around my cousin Bentz and the second thing I wondered is if this “Gas Party” was sponsored by Taco Bell.

Either way, gas is way too expensive to be huffing and Taco Bell doesn’t even use real meat, so I rather just spend my money at the concert on The Private Life of David Reed merch so they can hit the road and do it more comfortably.

Opening the show will be two fine established Columbia bands Pinna and Alien Carnival, and you know when these bands roll in you are in for a party.  Pinna is the perfect band to take you out of your winter slump and remind you that spring and summer are just around the corner.  Alien Carnival won’t bring you down either.  You have to watch out for them though, they sing about doing some crazy things, and we all know things haven’t changed that much since the Grady County days.

The Private Life of David Reed Tour Dates


Jan 28 2011     8:30P               New Brookland Tavern           West Columbia, SC

Jan 29 2011     8:30P               Soapbox LaundroLounge         Wilmington, NC

Feb 1 2011      8:30P               Canal Club                               Richmond, VA             *w/ Case Closed

Feb 2 2011      8:30P               Chloe’s Coffee                         Gaithersburg, MD       *w/ Case Closed

Feb 3 2011      8:30P               The Irish                                  Kearny, NJ                   *w/ Case Closed

Feb 4 2011      8:30P               Fuel House Coffee                   Vineland, NJ                *w/ Case Closed

Feb 5 2011      8:30P               Local 269                                 New York, NY              *w/ Case Closed

Feb 8 2011      8:30P               Millcreek Tavern                    Philadelphia, PA          *w/ Case Closed

Feb 9 2011      8:30P               Howler’s Coyote                      Pittsburgh, PA             *w/ Case Closed

Feb 10 2011    8:30P               Annabell’s                               Akron, OH

Feb 11 2011    8:30P               Roc Bar                                   Cleveland, OH

Feb 15 2011    8:30P               Vollrath Tavern                       Indianapolis, IN

Feb 16 2011    8:30P               Skully’s                                                Columbus, OH

Feb 17 2011    8:30P               The Warehouse                       Clarksville, TN

Feb 18 2011    8:30P               Cahootenany’s                        Johnson City, TN

Feb 19 2011    8:30P               Ziggy’s                                     Chattanooga, TN

Feb 23 2011    8:30P               Caledonia Lounge                   Athens, GA

Feb 25 2011    8:30P               Swayze’s                                  Marietta, GA

Feb 26 2011    8:30P               Island Bar                                Myrtle Beach, SC

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