Download the album TODAY

The new Treadmill Trackstar album is out and available to download everywhere today.

After spending 10 years on hiatus, Treadmill Trackstar merged back into the music scene with their 2010 album I Belong to Me.  Just a year later they are reelasing their new album Leaving Ohio.  Along with the release of the album, frontman Angelo Gianni will be doing a solo tour with Danielle Howle across the Carolina’s and Georgia.

Treadmill Trackstar’s music has always been on the edge of being considered acoustic or electric based, always mixing the two.  While their last album focused mainly on the electric side, this album features mostly acoustic instruments and is much more subdued.

My journey with Treadmill Trackstar started at a young age with Excessive Use of the Passive Voice.  I can still remember coming to Columbia with my parents to visit my brother in college and hearing “Coming Back as JC” on 93.5 along with Cowboy Mouth and being excited because I knew the songs.  These days you might be excited to hear a local band at prime time on the radio.

Check out the video for “Waste” below, the second song off Leaving Ohio.

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