Last year we caught up with The Kopecky Family band out of Nashville and chatted them up about their new record and their favorite things about South Carolina.  Saturday the 7 member band will be at New Brookland Tavern with Dylan Gilbert and Ghosts of the Great Highway (Phil Windsor).

Check out our interview with Kopecky Family Band

Dylan Gilbert has become a regular in Columbia over the last couple of months, frequenting Bey’s and New Brookland Tavern spreading the good word of his music throughout 5 Points and West Columbia.  I feel like it was only yesterday when we adopted Dylan into the Scene SC family, but it was nearly two years ago.  Dylan is currently featuring songs from his latest release Pangaea, which you should download today.

Opening the show will be Ghosts of the Great Highway who have a new album coming out very soon. Phil has been hard at work at Archer Avenue Studios finishing up his new album, one song of which was featured on this years Scene SC sampler. We’ll have more from Phil in the next couple of weeks about the new GotGH album.

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