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Our former staff at SceneSC Upstate have decided to leave the site and start their own.  Just wanted to let everyone know that won’t skip a beat and will always be around for bands and music fans everywhere to find the best music and news of what’s going on in the Dark Corner of South Carolina.

Below is the post I wrote on that website.

Via SceneSC Upstate

Hey all, David here

When we started SceneSC Upstate at the beginning of 2011 we were committed to bringing you the best music from the Upstate of South Carolina and beyond. With the current staff moving over to, upstate music fans will now have two independent music sources to find good music.

So if there is any confusion that SceneSC Upstate would cease to exist, have no worries, we’re not going anywhere and we have big plans to come for this website and the entire SceneSC network.

Meredith and I grew up in Northern Greenville county and have been committed to helping out the music scene here our entire lives. This website was never about the people that worked for it, but about lending a hand to a music scene. To create a healthy music community everyone has to do their part. Whether it’s going to shows, telling your friends about a good band you saw, or starting a little blog to help your friends out, you just have to do your part.

Our part here at SceneSC Upstate will be to continue bringing you some of the best in local talent and telling you about the best bands from the Southeast and beyond. After all, Asheville and Athens are only an hour away.

Look forward to new writers, videos, album reviews and show reviews on the new Scene SC Upstate.

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