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Singer/Songwriter Night at Conundrum Music Hall

Singer/Songwriter Night

Saturday Feb. 25

Conundrum Music Hall. West Columbia, SC

Doors @ 7pm          $5 over/$8 under

Conundrum Music Hall has a good weekend of music planned for Columbia. Following the Haley Dreis/Emily Hearn show on Friday, Conundrum has an awesome singer/songwriter night on Saturday. There are some great artists, eleven in total, lined up for the bill. Many of these eleven artists come from Columbia. One thing this show is going to offer is a great variety of music, sounds, and influences. Mike Mewborne (The Lovely Few) will be playing. Mewborne always puts on a good show, whether with his electronic-folk band, or by himself. Ned Durrett will also be joining the list. I recently got to see Ned play with his band, Ned Durrett and the Kindly Gents, who put on a great show and had a good acoustic-folk sound. Along with the sound of Durrett will be Emily McCollum and Tyler Boone, both of which have been around the Columbia music scene and covered by SceneSC in the past. Adding a different sound to the show will be Jayna Doyle, of the local pop-punk band, Death of Paris. Doyle’s pop-punk influence just shows the great variety of this bill.

Here is the full list of singer/songwriter’s performing at the show:

Joshua Gale 
Scottie Frier
Emily McCollum
Thomas Champagne
Sarah Hunter
Mike Mewborne (The Lovely Few)
Taylor Moore
Tyler Boone
Zach Fowler (Sun-Dried Vibes)
Ned Durrett
Jayna Doyle (Death of Paris)

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