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EP Review: Jude Moses

Jude Moses

Stephen and Andrew Williams are southern boys. Born and raised in Vidalia, Georgia, the brothers haven’t lived outside the south, except for a five-month stint by Stephen in northern Ireland. The stint was all he needed, along with the help of Andrew, to turn their musical backgrounds into a unique sound they have coined Jude Moses.

Not even a year old, Jude Moses is already making a name for themselves all over the south. They are currently on a tour with folk-artist John Mark McMillan, a tour that has taken them up and down the east coast. The brothers even made a stop at New Brookland Tavern on March 23. They played a quick acoustic set before John Mark McMillan came on. What I was most impressed with was the musical ability of the duo. Not only were they amazing instrumentally, but their harmonies with John Mark McMillan were spot on.

On top of the tour, Jude Moses is releasing their first self-titled EP on April 26. The brothers were able to hook me up with a copy of the EP, and let me tell you it is worth the money. The EP is three songs and will go onto iTunes for $3.

Each song is great in it’s own way. “Mistaken Hands”, the first track, consists of a very simple guitar and banjo combination. The simplicity really spotlights the vocals of Andrew and Stephen, which almost take on a chanting sound of sorts. Towards the end, the harmonies I mentioned earlier really shine. On the next track, the brothers are able to give a completely different sound from “Mistaken Hands”. “Oak Tree” really reminded me of Gregory Alan Isakov, another great folk-musician hailing from South Africa. The deep and soft electric guitar sounds so great with Stephen’s voice. If I’m being completely honest, the song makes me want to kick back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful south. The final song on the album is titled “Hold Me Now”, which holds similar qualities to The Avett Brothers, in my opinion. After taking a couple listens to the album I realized this was the first time you hear any percussion.

Through the simplicity of this EP, Jude Moses is really able to portray what Andrew says most important to them,

“…the blood, sweat, and tears of a family bond. A bond that can never be broken. Harmonies that support each other for days and days. The sound that stretches from the Appalachian mountains to the vast cotton fields and horse pastures in South Georgia. Our roots and hearts run deep.”


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Jude Moses-Mistaken Hands

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