The Sea Wolf Mutiny
Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun
Octopus Jones
Forest Tourist

Price: $5 Over 21 / $8 Under 21
Genre: Indie / Rock / Alternative

Coming up on the one year anniversary of the release of their first album The Last Season, The Sea Wolf Mutiny are still tweaking their live set and growing as a band. Over the last couple of months they’ve added another guitarist in Phil Windsor (Ghosts of the Great Highway) and a new drummer in Michael Crawford (Calculator, Nick Bays.) For a band with songs as dynamic as theirs, these additions have taken their live show to a new level.

For someone like me that goes to a lot of in town shows, one thing that’s always fun to do is going to see a band outside of their element in another town. Recently I had the opportunity to see The Sea Wolf Mutiny play in Rock Hill, for a large crowd of people who didn’t know them. A band from Columbia, with skeletons on their shoes and an odd-looking piano, the crowd didn’t know what to expect. They opened with “Fear and Trembling” in a dark retired courtroom. A song that sounds like the theme song for the Ghost of Christmas Past opened the crowds ears and caught their attention like the snap of fingers. From here on lead singer and pianist Bobby Hatfield had the crowd in control. He runs out, he becomes one clapping with them and makes them feel his excitement.  A year ago The Sea Wolf Mutiny wasn’t there yet with their live show. Now they have something special on their hands.

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun Clemson Spring Fest

Atlanta-based Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun open with their synth heavy hook driven rock n roll. Their latest album Wildfire stays on the dark side of pop, with the intense electronic parts translating to a heavy live show.

Octopus Jones and Forest Tourist open. These bands are the light.

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