Amazing Artwork by Nate Puza.


One dimensional bands are so boring. One trend I’ve noticed in local albums is that most of them use the same instruments on every song and they’re almost all the same style. They think it makes their albums cohesive when it really just makes their albums boring. Latenights did a decent job of switching up tempos and styles on their first self titled full length, but they hit the nail on the head with their summer single. “Sunrise Surprise” is a masterfully crafted surf rock jam that would make surf rock legends grin with jealousy. The B-Side “Maui Wowee” might be the real gem of the single. A soft ode to the ocean, girls, and the romance of summer. Built around vocal harmonies and a lightly strummed acoustic guitar, “Maui Wowee” is the ultimate end of the party jam.




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