Twitter Thursday Featuring @therealjuicyj and @ThePiedmontBoys


Twitter can be used for many things, but being entertained is probably top on my list of uses of the Twitter.  So for this edition of #twitterthursday I bring you two tweet-ers who make me laugh.

First up, we have @therealjuicyj, which is none other than Juicy J of the Academy Award-winning Three 6 Mafia.

Juicy J likes to say things are “trippy mane” and tells you all about his good times.  However, J also provides me with daily doses of motivation.

Like this tweet for example:

This could be true unless he’s talking about weight.  I feel like the pounds you need to lose might be more important.  I’m no dietician, Juicy could be right.

In this tweet J seems to be channeling Mr. T a bit…

I do pity the fool who doesn’t listen to these gems of life advice.  I also wonder why Juicy and Tony Robbins aren’t touring together.

Juicy doesn’t always give advice, he asks his followers for it as well.  When one of life’s hardest decisions come your way, take it to twitter:

I usually say, “Hello”, but really, there may be some cool way to answer the phone that I don’t know about.  I should probably tweet this myself.

Finally, J has left us with one more gem to keep you focused this week:

Next up is Greg Payne (@ThePiedmontBoys) of the Greenville, SC honky-tonk band The Piedmont Boys.  Greg brings us slices of life from a touring musician as well as some light celebrity stalking:

Greg first teases us with an ever elusive thought that many of us have had:

I do wonder this quite often.  And with the double ellipsis I thought maybe Greg would have an answer.  I was wrong.  I waited for a follow up tweet, but none came and alas, I still wonder.

Greg spent some time tweeting Taylor Swift this week:

So with tweets, you need to read from the bottom up.  First, he lets Taylor know that she will probably marry someone in his band, most likely him.  Then he goes the Swingers route and breaks up with her before she’s even had a chance to respond.  However, mind always on the biz, he follows up and offers her an opportunity to work together in the future.  I guess that was the “let’s still be friends” part of the break up.

Greg also keeps you updated on current events:


First, I’d like to congratulate Greg for knowing how to spell badminton.  I always thought it was badmitten.  English lessons aside, if you weren’t aware that there was a scandal afoot in the world of badminton, you do now, and you have @ThePiedmontBoys to thank for that.


I hope this #twitterthursday has brought you some new interesting people to follow.  If not, tell us who you think we should follow.  Tweet @scenesc with the hashtag #twitterthursday and the twitter account de jour.

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