[Jam Session] All Get Out and The Dunder Chiefs

This is my first jam session. Couldn’t have picked two better artists to be my first.

A new era has begun for All Get Out. This is the first release since guitarist Mel Washington, and bassist Mike Rogers left the band. Nathan Hussey picks up where he left off with another great song reminiscent of songs from the early days, like Water and God. They are on tour right now with Junior Astronomers, Harrison Hudson, and Death on Two Wheels. Check’em out.


Ex-members of Polar War, Will Thompson and “Nog”, have gotten together with Tony Linog to create The Dunder Chiefs. When I first heard them they reminded me of The Avett Brothers, but with an obvious indie/punk influence. Below is the song “I Am A Lion”, part of their 5-song demo you can get for free on their bandcamp.

01 I am a Lion 1


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