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#TwitterThursday @BackstreetsPub and @AustinLanders

It’s #TwitterThursday y’all and we’ve got a lineup today with a couple of my personal upstate favorites.

First up is Clemson’s own @BackstreetsPub.  Backstreets is such a fun and welcoming place, and if you’ve never experienced it–you need to.  Just take a look at their menu tweets:

Pimento Cheeseburgers might be one of my most favorite things ever.  If I was on death row, I might make that my last meal.  Instead I try not to be on death row so I can eat them whenever I want, but you know…whatever happens, happens.

They also have a really cool and successful pool league/team:

I mean I’ve never really NEEDED a reason to play pool in a bar, but if you do, go play at Backstreets and you might end up in Vegas.

Also, today is a special day for @BackstreetsPub

Backstreets Pub is 20!  They are still technically not allowed to drink, but if you are you can tonight at their Anniversary Party.  The band Chalwa is playing and hopefully Pete is keeping his pants on…or not, I don’t know what the better outcome is in that scenario.

Next we have upstate radio personality and rock-and-roller @austinlanders.  When he’s not being a morning show sidekick he’s playing with his bands I Am Carpenter and the Weathers who he loves very much:

It’s always good to see bros showing bro love to the masses via Instagram and Twitter.

Also, he’s super pumped because there’s some big events coming up:

I guess after the display of bro love, it’s no wonder that Friday’s I Am Carpenter CD release party at New Brookland Tavern is more important to @austinlanders than his own birth.  But really dude, think about it, if you weren’t born, there’d be no band to record a CD to have a release party.  Celebrate you.  I know I will.

And finally we have this gem:

I would make fun of this, because that’s generally what I do, but it genuinely put a smile on my face.  Austin, you know what they say about high school girls…if you don’t well just re-watch Dazed and Confused.

I hope you enjoyed the two selections for this week’s #TwitterThursday.  If you know a band or a local establishment we should follow, tweet us @scenesc and hashtag #TwitterThursday with the account you think we need to know!

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