[Jam Sessions] Brandon Kean and Joshua Michael Robinson

[Jam Sessions] Brandon Kean and Joshua Michael Robinson

It’s finally fall, or at least the past two days have felt that way. I’m always more inspired during the fall for some reason; everything pumpkin tastes better, and new music always sounds so much more appealing. This week, most of my listens are going to two artists: Brandon Kean and Joshua Michael Robinson.

Brandon Kean is a well-known name in the South Carolina music scene. Most notably Brandon Kean played with local legend Marry a Thief, and now plays with Rejectioneers. Monday, Kean released a solo song on his bandcamp called “That Bad”. The song was recorded at Archer Avenue Studios with Kenny McWilliams, and features local artists Cayla Fralick and Will Grubbs. The song is brilliant. Every part is extremely well thought out, and pairs well with the haunting lyrics. Check it out here, and be sure to keep up with Brandon as he hopefully releases more music.


Joshua Michael Robinson is our next artist. Robinson, a native of Florida, recently released his new album “Intentions”, which was recorded with Aaron Marsh of Copeland. Since the release, Robinson has been receiving high praise for the album. He recently did an awesome acoustic version of his song “Cherokee”, for, which I can’t stop listening to. Check it out. Also, check out, an awesome new site for music.


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