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Show Review: The Ready Set, All-American Rejects, and Boys Like Girls

All American Rejects Photos by Heather Fowler

By Heather Fowler:

9.28.12 at Amos’ Southend

Just stepping outside it has become obvious that summer is coming to a close. But if you were at Amos Southend on Tuesday night then would never would have guessed.

The show started with a punch with The Ready Set. A fun, energetic band was was perfect for getting the party started. This pop punk band has powerful vocals and strong beats that just makes you want to dance. The singers fast paced and hard hitting lyrics are perfect for a summer party.

 The show stayed strong with The All-American Rejects taking the stage. With every song the crowd was dancing or singing along. These rockers played hard and left an impact on their listeners. Bringing a hometown vibe to the stage, the band made the crowd feel like they were in a smaller venue and the songs were just for them. Throughout the show the band would joke around and enjoy themselves and they never left the crowd out. You were there to rock on with them.

Boys Like Girls brought this summer rock show to a close. With a mix of summer dance music and strong lyrics this band brought a fun but relaxing end to the night. You couldn’t help but to stomp your foot and sing along to the tunes. They brought the last life to the summer before the party ended.  They invited fans to sing on stage and even sang to the fans personally. They were there to experience that show for all it was worth and made sure that the crowd did too.

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