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Sasquatch Festival Promises Another Brilliant Lineup

Sasquatch Festival Promises Another Brilliant Lineup

SasquatchSasquatch Festival   The Gorge, Quincy, WA  May 24-27, 2013

This summer’s festival circuit is already looking to be one of the best in recent years. Already announced we’ve got festivals such as Governors Ball and Shaky Knees boasting lineups featuring artists new and old destined to put on an incredible live show. But then Sasquatch Festival goes and announces it’s delicious lineup attempting to blow all other summer festivals out of the water. The winner for best festival lineup cannot be decided until both Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza announce their always fantastic lineups, but Sasquatch are putting themselves at the top of the pack. SceneSC covered Sasquatch last year and are ready to experience this festival all over again. Sasquatch takes place in a beautiful location in Quincy, WA where the party pretty much never stops.

Alright, so as you can see in that poster, this lineup is stacked. However, I must start with the two SC bands Shovels & Rope and Toro y moi. Toro are no strangers to music festivals, having taken over the festival circuit last year, but Shovels & Rope are new to the major festivals, having just released their debut album O’ Be Joyful just last year. I am incredibly excited that Shovels & Rope are being featured on both Coachella and Sasquatch’s lineups as they are an incredible live band and deserve all the recognition that they are getting. Along with these two gems you have the newly-reunited The Postal Service, Bloc Party, Alt-J, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Nick Offerman, Earl Sweatshirt, Father John Misty, The Tallest Man On Earth, and so many others. As I said in my preview for Governors Ball Festival, I recommend just staring at this lineup for a while.

Tickets are on sale Saturday, February 9. You can check out all the festival’s info here:

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  1. Kyle

    Hey, just wanted to mention that Shovels & Rope did have a self-titled record before O Be Joyful, and it’s well-worth checking out!


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