Bonnaroo Music Festival 2013    June 13-16, 2013    Manchester, TN

I’m sorry to the other music festivals, but I must say that Bonnaroo is my absolute favorite U.S. festival. The atmosphere of Bonnaroo is something that just cannot be found at any other festival that I have been to in the United States. I don’t even care about the bands who play at the festival (that’s not true, just trying to make a point), it’s the people who attend Bonnaroo that make the festival the magical weekend that it is. But also, I do care about the bands. My musical experience at Bonnaroo has also been incredible. Two of my most treasured memories with bands took place at Bonnaroo. The first was Arcade Fire at 2011 and the second was Radiohead at 2012. Both of these headliners managed to take the energy of Bonnaroo, amplify it, and send it right back to the people. These two bands created an atmosphere that cannot be compared to anything else that I have ever experienced. Somehow they confined all the onlookers into one entity, making all of us feel as if we were getting a private show from these massive acts. If that sounds weird, so be it. Bonnaroo’s weird. Bonnaroo is many things. And today, Bonnaroo is back.

In a rather impressive campaign, Bonnaroo have managed to create quite the buzz for their Lineup Announcement Megathon today. With Daniel Tosh and Weird Al Yankovic (did you guys know he still existed?) announcing the lineup, they managed to absolutely top last year’s list of bands, and then some. Topping the bill we have the brilliantly popular Mumford & Sons, Paul McCartney, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Then throw into the mix a bit of Bjork, R. Kelly (!), and Wu-Tang Clan and that shows what Bonnaroo’s always about. They always have the greatest mix of bands, for young and for old. I’m just going to run through a few more names that I am looking forward to: the ever-incredible The National (does this mean new album?!), Grizzly Bear, Father John Misty, Earl Sweatshirt, Alt-J, Reptar, and Matthew E. White. Uh, we’re lucky.

Tickets go on sale on Saturday, February 23 at 12pm EST at $234.50 a piece, until those get sold out, then the price level goes up. Snatch ’em up quick!

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