“Ruins” made its debut on the 2013 SceneSC Sampler.

“Ruins” is more than the first song released by The Sea Wolf Mutiny since their excellent debut release The Last Season. Much has changed since that time in August, 2011. New members in the band, a wider audience, praise among music critics, and life changes such as marriage and children also bear their weight on the band.

Recorded as 2012 turned to 2013 at the freshly remodeled Archer Avenue Studio, The Sea Wolf Mutiny took their experimentation into the studio. Born out of a simple, cyclical charming melody on guitar, TSWM explored new territory, writing their first song together with the current lineup.

In many ways, “Ruins” mirrors the band. A song about discovery, and learning your limits, the dangers of overreaching, and managing what you can grasp with your eyes still fixed on the road ahead. The song fills and swells as it stretches and pops. Like a secret that just can’t be held in, “Ruins” wrestles with itself, before the whispers turn to shouts and statements, before releasing into a sigh of relief. The gravity of the situation is undeniable, triumphant and frightening, confidently confusing. Upon first listen it’s a struggle to get your bearings in the song, the one repeat melody on guitar keeping your comfort. And then it’s over, and you’re left wondering what just happened? As Bobby Hatfield’s voice flows gracefully with the music and the mood of his lyrics, the band bounces jubilantly in unison as one living breathing instrument.

Fans have watched their live show turn from something routine into a high energy affair. As they’ve settled into a new lineup they’ve found comfort in their own shoes, with this now easing into their songwriting.

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