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Since I first heard Ramphastos–AKA Will Flourance–almost a year ago, I’ve been anxiously awaiting any and all of his new work. Although the latest single, “King Louie,” has been out for just over a month, I’ve been sitting on it until now.

The press release Flourance sent to SceneSC says that his fourth album, Alakazam, “feels more like a collection of exotic and strange rap beats than a mix of various internet sub-genres.” Based just on “King Louie,” I’d have to agree with that self-assessment.

Art for "King Louie" Single
Art for “King Louie” Single

However, “King Louie” maintains the vague, nostalgic familiarity of 2012’s Southern Gothic to which I was so immediately attracted. (See my thoughts on “HOOP DREAMS,” my favorite track on Gothic.)

I expect the rest of Alakazam both to surprise me and remind me why Ramphastos is so good in the first place. We’ll post more info on the release as we hear it.

Album Art for Alakazam
Album Art for Alakazam

Tracklist for Alakazam:
1. King Louie
2. Rainmaker
3. Jewel Tones
4. Palm Palace
5. Skate Heaven
6. Heavy Heart
7. Jungle Fever
8. Oahu
9. Cuban Links
10. Free Souls

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