Rachel Kate’s new video for the song “Lost” off her latest album Rachel Kate with Love & Hate opens up with her vocals shattering a mirror. She’s got a killer voice, and according to this video a killer kiss.

Locally produced, the video is beautifully haunting and on point in every little way—from props and wardrobe to the setting and characters. You’ll find yourself watching it repeatedly picking up all the subtleties and nuances you missed upon first viewing. The first boat send off with the hands coming out of the water, simply stunning. It’s the little details that take this video to the next level. The amount of hard work that went into making this video shows, but the amount of thought and inspiration between the song and video really make this something special.


Directed by: Jenny Kleiman & Landon Phillips
Edited by: Jenny Kleiman
music & lyrics:
Rachel kate Gillion
“Lost” from the album
Rachel Kate with Love & Hate

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