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[New Music] Release The Dog ‘Out for Justice’


Browsing the ever so popular album streaming site about two years ago I came across Release the Dog and their first 2 song release Release the F.R.O.G. and instantly fell for it. “At Arms Length” opens with an indelible guitar riff that will bounce around in your head after just one listen and “Cake” opens with the dirty hum of bands that I love like Japandroids, and well, Hum. Both of those songs made it onto the bands first full length release Out for Justice that the band has made available for free download. Ross Swinson’s guitar work stands out on nearly every song on the album with a style of his own and a uniqueness missing from many modern bands. I’ve repeatedly called him my favorite guitarist in Columbia and new songs like “Narcolepsy” and “Tangled in a Net” drive that home for me.

Release The Dog drop their new release party style Friday Dec 6 at Hunter Gatherer. It’s going to be a high gravity bash.

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