Elwood Kuddles is my twitter friend and considering that I only have 473 of those, that makes him pretty special.  Additionally, Kuddles has expanded his role in the world outside of the twittersphere to include forming the 3 piece folky punk band Killing Kuddles.  Killing Kuddles, of Atlanta, Georgia, recently joined Autumn + Colour and released the single Nobody.  Nobody, which much to my dismay is NOT a Keith Sweat cover, can be streamed on sound cloud for your listening pleasure. The band states that the song deals with the mistakes we all make while navigating through life.  Nobody is there to save you.  Except, well Killing Kuddles, kind of is…they are here to save us from musical doldrums.  Check out their upbeat, Americana influenced, attitude-pop if you don’t believe me.  Word’s still out on whether or not they will lay your body down–keep me posted, ok guys?

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