Spartanburg local Bethany Rae is making national waves with her recent endeavors. She’s been hard at work putting together her debut project and at the end of 2013 the budding artist hosted a showcase in Spartanburg to give the people a hint of what to expect from her new music. Along with heavy promotion in Miami and Los Angeles as well as music spins from her official DJ, DJDTEC of The Carolina Coalition, Bethany Rae also dropped a video for “Playing My Part”. “Playing My Part” features rapper MUSS a fellow Boss Playa affiliate and is the first glimpse at the potential of Bethany Rae. The record is catchy and showcases Bethany Rae’s wide vocal range and distinctive tone. The single is produced by Tony Adams/Mixxproduction. In the visual Rae doesn’t hold back on the lavish as she sits on her private jet while belting out heartfelt lyrics. It seems like Bethany Rae plans on making her debut in a major way. This upstate artist is someone to lookout for. Checkout the video below.




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