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The Tarlatans Release New Album with fine Supporting Bands


Once The Tarlatans announced they’d be recording their new EP with Jay Clifford at Hello Telescope studio in Charleston, SC the writing was on the wall that they’d be releasing potentially their finest material to date. For The Tarlatans first album dual vocalists Taylor McCleskey and Ryan Williams converted their Clemson apartment into a studio, laying down 10 songs that would put them on the South Carolina music map. Their track “Carolina” made the cut for our 2012 SceneSC sampler while “Been Dreamin'” has gone on to see steady radio airplay in the Carolinas. If they could produce that quality of song recording vocals in a bedroom closet then the idea of recording with one of South Carolina’s most talented songwriters in Jump, Little Children’s Jay Clifford might produce the type of songs that push their young career to the next level. Whether they accomplished that goal is yet to be seen, but they’re off to a good start.

The lead single off the album “Home Sounds Fine to Me” featuring G. Love on harmonica has already been warmly received by radio, and seems to be in heavy rotation here in Columbia on 92.1 The Palm. That song and the new songs on the EP show The Tarlatans sunny side, with infectious pop melodies and an overall cheery demeanor. That wasn’t always the case on their début album, which featured songs without the same production quality, but gems none the less. One of those songs being “Good Luck” which didn’t only receive a makeover and make it on the new EP, but also deservedly earned the EP’s title. That was my standout favorite from their eponymous début and I let them flat-out know that the first time I saw them live. After their set in downtown Greenville I met the guys for the first time and told them I was bummed they didn’t play “Good Luck.” Bottom line is that it’s a good thing that track is finally getting the attention it deserves. The new version received the Jay Clifford treatment, with a fresh string arrangement and an overall more dynamic and powerful recording. The pleading and contemplation played out by McCleskey with Williams voice serving as a reassuring base works magic in this song and for me again steals this EP as it stole the band’s début album. This song is a true gentleman’s farewell.

The supporting cast for this show couldn’t be any finer. Opening the show is Volcanoes in the Kitchen, a trio of Hadley’s who own their own brand of soulful folk, a group more focused on sharing their music and love with people than chasing fame. That passion and their talent and energy will surely take the young trio places. Filling the middle of the lineup is songsmith Steven Fiore, who will be joined by a full band this show including Haley Shaw who will be singing with Fiore Saturday. Fiore, who recently moved back to Carolina soil after a stint in California, is working on a new EP that he plans to release by the end of the year. Fiore’s learned the art of connecting with an audience over the years, breaking down the wall with a war chest of stories and intimate songs. He’ll be at home on the beautiful stage at Charleston Music Hall.

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