Soundwaves: Peace Out for the Summer


My summer is officially over with tomorrow’s class schedule looming over my senior year shoulders, and I must say my weekly ride with Scene SC has been a fun and enlightening one. David Stringer is my hero for helping to make music journalism a thing in S.C., a place where Toby Keith’s solo cup reigns on local radio stations (okay, that song MIGHT have been a little catchy…) and really talented local musicians are swept under the rug or sent off to Nashville or the west coast.

I hope that my column has brought you surf pop vibes on those beach afternoons, the perfect soundtrack for your on-the-road adventures, and of course new love and appreciation for some pretty fabulous groups based in and visiting my homeland (a.k.a. Charleston). But, like so many summer flings and vacation stays, I must say goodbye, or at least see you later.

I will still be chiming in for a few pieces this semester, but I’ve switched allegiances and now am based up here in Soda City for the school year with Stringer and Co. Cola has a blossoming music scene all it’s own, and I’m excited to switch things up and experience a new range of soundwaves.

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