The Fishing Journal – “Feathers & Twine” 10”

I just caught wind of The Fishing Journal last year, and I’m kicking myself for not enjoying this band sooner. I find their dissonant interpretation of post-punk very refreshing. Feathers & Twine is a big change from their last hard hitting EP release, Ditch. I would say it leans a little closer to indie rock than previous recordings, but that’s definitely not a bad thing.

The title track starts off with smooth melodic riffs and a longer song structure; giving more time for the music to really sink into your head. Track two, “Bridge Lights” is a little bit more heavy and familiar. The vocals on this album vary from talking to shouting without getting too screamy. Track 3, “Intricate Design” is the longest and most playful track on the album. The guitar and bass tones are captured perfectly in this recording. The guitar is fuzzy yet clear and the bass is so punchy without losing that full body tone. Guitarist, Chris Powell, and bassist, Chuck Sligh (also in Burnt Books and Wounded Tongue), do a great job writing complex riffs that complement their individual musical style. Drummer, Josh Latham, writes really tight rhythms that truly accentuate the songs’ emotion.

This four track album is only a short 15 minutes, but it’s the perfect to put on right when you get home from your nine-to-five and you just want to forget about the bullshit from the day. Totally worth the $12 for the blue colored 10”.

You can catch The Fishing Journal live at the Courtroom Friday, January 16th.

RIYL: Mission of Burma, Broken Social Scene, Fugazi

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