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I love the idea of having more local bands playing the St. Patrick’s Day festival in 5 Points. In the past they’ve had great locals from around the state sprinkled in the lineup in addition to the noon slot that the winner of the Battle for St. Pats receives. For many local bands it’s great exposure and a chance to play in front of a different crowd of people than they typically play, or play in front of people at all. Columbia’s a tough town ya know.

The full lineup announcement is schedule for next Wednesday, January 14 at Delaney’s in 5 Points, exactly two months before the festival. Between this lineup announcement and a new show coming to Music Farm Columbia, next week will be a big week for show announcements. Be on the lookout that afternoon as we’ll be sharing the full lineup.

Here’s the info on how to submit. Godspeed local bands.

Please submit your entry for #Battle2015 to with the required material detailed below.

How It Works:

-Submit an electronic press kit, which MUST include: contact information, a band biography, three or more songs(including one YouTube video) and picture by February 17, 2015.

-A pool of local music experts will review the submitted entries to determine the six bands that will star in the online battle.
*Note: The electronic press kit must include at least one YouTube video, which will be used if the band advances to the finals. Any additional songs may be either YouTube videos or in mp3 format.

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