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Gláss Play QPP and Cabin Floor Records

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On their debut EP Greenville band Gláss delve into the murky waters of post-punk in their own way. Songs that breathe with spacey dissonance often explode into pounding drums and 90’s rumbling distortion. Founded by Aaron Burke (ex-Art Contest/Grey Spy) on guitar and vocals, and drummer Samuel Goldsmith (1/3 of the Francis Vertigo) the band has gradually evolved from a heavier sound to a less heavy more post-punk sound since they formed in the summer of 2014. They’re still a young band finding their sound, but the common thread seems to be mostly instrumental guitar rock layered with vocals that serve less as the centerpiece of any song and more as an accent to each track. On the EP’s second track “S-Man” Burke mutters lazily locked in a pendulum melody a repeated refrain that becomes hypnotic as the track chugs on.

Gláss recorded Foreign Bastard with Max Price at Black Sneaker Souls. The band has plans to release a second EP early this year that aims to showcase their evolved sound. They’ve also got several upcoming shows including tonight at Queen Punx Palace in Columbia opening for Ningas Tongas farewell show, along with January 10th at Cabin Floor Records in Greenville with Release the Dog, ET Anderson, and Dear Blanca.

Upcoming shows:

January 9th Queen Punx Palace in Columbia (Ningas Tongas last show/Fishwives)
January 10th at Cabin Floor Records in Greenville (with ET Anderson/Release the Dog/Dear Blanca)
February 28th at Radio Room (with Benji and the Antibodies)



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