When I started putting the 2015 sampler together late in November I didn’t have any idea that we’d end up with so many exclusive songs on this compilation. We always shoot for as many as we can get, but this year we owe a huge thank you to the bands and to Wolfgang Zimmerman for helping make this a reality. More important than the songs being unique to the sampler (now) is that these songs are all top-notch, many of them flowing together seamlessly making for a smooth listen through the comp. These 21 artists are just a sample of what South Carolina has to offer when it comes to our music scene. If you enjoy these songs I urge you to explore more South Carolina music, just click on the South Carolina tag while you’re on the Bandcamp page and you’ll find both the most popular music in the state and new releases.

While many of these songs are unique to this release now, many of them will come out later this year on a future album from the band. Be on the lookout for those releases and follow all the bands on social media to keep up.

Huge, huge thank you to Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue Studios and Nate Puza at The Half and Half for helping out with this. Kenny mastered the sampler again and did a great job. You have no idea how much this helps until you hear 21 songs beside each other at different volumes and frequencies. And Nate, who has done all the cover art and design over the years and never disappoints. I really can’t thank those two enough.

Thank you to all the bands involved. Each one knocked it out of the park this year.

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