Human Resources released their first official music video for “Settled In” on May 1st in anticipation of their upcoming debut album En Route later this month. The Charleston based group refers to their aesthetic as new wave dance rock, but I’d consider it unfair to corner them into one genre that gives an impression of heavy synth and saturation in this day and age. The members are reliant on their musical talent rather than a candy-coated soundboard, and it’s obvious upon first listen. While this is only HR’s second of two recorded singles that have been released (a predecessor being ‘Queen’), the band is gaining momentum from local shows and a recent feature on the Dig South late night line-up held at Royal American.

Guitarist Dries Vandenberg, bassist Aaron Utterback, keyboardist Paul Chelmis and drummer Matt Zutell are reportedly involved in a variety of other music projects outside of HR, which they proudly state has influenced their own music in the best way. Coast Records will be releasing HR’s new album and is actually run by Zutell. The record label has hosted several other Charleston favorites such as Tom Mackell, The Dunder Chiefs and Tyler Boone. While keyboardist Paul Chelmis seems to pursue artistic endeavors even outside of music, as he is credited with the production and direction of the ‘Settled In’ music video.

Human Resources will celebrate the release of their new album with a performance at King Dusko on May 20th.

Written by Jess Marie Spence

Jess Marie Spence is a student at the College of Charleston studying Arts Management with a concentration in the Music Industry. She is the In-House Photographer at the Charleston Music Hall and also contributes to Charleston Grit.

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