Live at Papa Jazz

Secret Guest Live at Papa Jazz

Secret Guest Live at Papa Jazz

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What’s the first album you remember loving as a kid?

I would say Everclear’s So Much for the Afterglow. I still love it, dammit. Same with Sparkle and Fade. Up until about a year ago, I would’ve consider it a guilty pleasure, but no more. The beautiful Beach Boys-esque build-up at the beginning of the title track that goes into a searing anthem about accepting the fact that life/the world is miserable. It was good to learn that early. Then the next track, “Everything to Everyone” still hits me way too close to home every day, and anyone who knows me could probably understand why. And musically, Everclear knows how to hit all the chord progressions I like and kinda fuck it up in just the right way. I remember reading an interview where Art Alexakis mentions listening to a lot of the Pixies, and it shows in this album and Sparkle and Fade. Just realized I might’ve sounded really defensive. Sorry, y’all. I get worked up about Everclear.

What as the first album you bought with your own money?

Without going into a defensive review like I did with the last question, my answer here would have to be the self-titled Third Eye Blind album, but I know a lot of my homies still love this like I do. (And more and more of my friends are starting to admit they love Everclear, too. Don’t be embarassed, y’all.) If we’re getting SC music scene level name-droppy, I have a very fond memory of listening to this album in its entirety at Shredquarters, and I, Deborah Adedokun, Jess Oliver, and the Heyrocco boys were singing along to every word. ‘Twas about as cathartic as it gets.

What was the first local band you were a fan of? 

Polish Friday out of Clover, SC. The guitarist of my high school band left to join this band. He made the right choice. Look up the song “Squirrel King” and imagine seeing that performed live in a barn in rural upstate South Carolina.

What’s the most recent album you bought or have been listening to lately?

Actually, I bought The Wink by Tim Presley from Papa Jazz the other day upon a beautiful sampling of it thanks to Wilson of ET Anderson. The sampling blew my mind. It was a collaboration between him and Cate Le Bon, and the portion I heard was simultaneously jarring, entrancing, and beautiful. Unfortunately, my record player has been on the fritz and you can only find 2 of the songs on the internet. I’m just gonna have to wait until I can hang at a friend’s house to fully immerse myself.

What have you been working on lately? Recording? New music on the way perhaps??

There might be something on the way, and there might be a surprise surrounding the release. I’m just gonna keep it cagey for now.

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