What’s the first album you remember loving as a kid?

My first album I ever listened to and put money into as a kid was ironically Master of Puppets by Metallica because all you want to do as a kid is just shred.

What local music has inspired you?

Part of what inspired me to go from an acoustic act to putting this band together was watching my friends start to gain a presence in their band, Ropeswing Marathon. I saw Richard and Blake do their thing in that band so I naturally asked if they’d be interested in forming this new band with me, and from there the rest of the band simply fell into place.

What’s next for Bella Vida? Any new music or shows on the horizon?

Now that I’m surrounded with what I consider to be some of the best musicians in cola, Bellavida will going forward with our first full length album this summer as well as playing more shows than we ever have. You can find us on social media to see where and when. After all the positive reception and local success from our first EP, you’ll be seeing nothing but hard work and crossed fingers from everyone with Bellavida.


Catch Bellavida at Freeway Music Festival Saturday, May 20.

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