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Coming from other Atlanta scene bands Deerhunter and Carnivores, Frankie Broyles and Phillip Frobos began playing together and writing music in their free time. Eventually that became their current project Omni, with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Doug Bleichner. The Atlanta trio recently release “Equestrian” a song off their upcoming album Multi-Task out September 22 on Trouble in Mind. “Equestrian” draws from their bouncy post-punk roots adding in some surf-rock riffing and lyrics about a mundane hotel stay.

Leading up to their performance at Secret Stages, we caught up with the band’s Phillip Frobos.

Frankie and you both grew up in Atlanta which has a pretty big music scene was there one live performance you saw growing up that really influenced you?

As far as growing up in Atlanta goes, It was fun being able to just walk over to Georgia State to see Killer Mike or the Black Lips play randomly in the afternoon. Walking into record stores and parking lots for the same kinda thing.

How does being a trio effect the songwriting process?

Well, technically when we write we are a duo. Everything is streamlined. It’s always “Cool? Cool.” Two opinions creatively just makes everything easier when you both love the same kinds of music and musical choices.

Many of the bands playing at Secret Stages are from the Southeast. Does being a band based in/from the Southeast have any effect on your music?

I suppose being from Georgia definitely does. I grew up being told how amazing Athens music was all the time, and moved to Atlanta to discover even more. It would be ridiculous to say I didn’t feel influenced by the waves of some of the weirdo pioneers in our region.

Discovering music has changed drastically over the past decades, Secret Stages is called “a music discovery festival”. How do you guys discover music?

Lately I’ve been tuning into the local AM arts station in Atlanta (am1690). Every afternoon they have this show called “Blank Canvas with Stephen Key” and I always learn something.

Secret Stages is coming up in the next couple of weeks, are there any bands playing that you’re excited to see?

Excited to see Dasher! They used to live in Atlanta, great people, great band.

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Who: Omni

Where: Midnight on Friday 8/4 on the BMR Stage @ Pale Eddie’s Pour House


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