Photo by Norman Wong

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Where: The Orange Peel

When: Thursday, September 21

What About It: Broken Social Scene are on tour for the first time since 2011 with their new album Hug of Thunder

Tickets: Purchase here


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A collective ranging anywhere from 6 to 19 members out of Toronto, came back from a 7 year hiatus this year with their new album Hug of Thunder. The album named after the band’s embrace of chaos, is fitting with all 15 original members coming back to create this album. Including sought after artists such as Leslie Feist, and Metric’s Emily Haines. Broken Social Scene being such a seminal indie rock band causes the new album to bring up a feeling of nostalgia. Desires for blow-out songs like “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” off their self titled third album are matched with  “Halfway Home” a vibrant anthem off their most recent release.

The impact of this band can be seen on a local level with ET Anderson’s Broken Local Scene; a super group made up of members of notable South Carolina bands such as ET Anderson, Ugly Chords, Stagbriar, and Grace Joyner. Performing songs from all facets of Broken Social Scene’s catalog, this super group really captured the essence of what Broken Social Scene’s live performance is. Which is rooted in the idea of a group of people all from different musical backgrounds coming together to create music that can be chaotic and frantic at times producing a unique and rich sound. We captured this delightful disarray when filming the supergroup covering Broken Social Scene’s “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” and “KC Accidental.” Catch the energy that is maneuvering between 10 other members and their equipment, and switching instruments when Broken Social Scene plays tomorrow night.

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